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Top-5 tips to stay thin during thanksgiving

By Bonnie Efird

Let’s face it: We often overeat the day of Thanksgiving … err … and the several days after Thanksgiving as well (too many leftovers sound familiar?).

Here are the top-5 tips for sticking to your wellness plan during Thanksgiving week.

1. Stay active. Just because it’s the holidays doesn’t mean you get a holiday from taking care of your body. Use your time over Thanksgiving break to pamper yourself even more. Sleep in, go for a longer run or do an hour of yoga each day. Thanksgiving break is a time to rest and spend time taking care of yourself, so don’t let your routine slip just because you’re in the holiday spirit.

2. Practice portion control. As tempting as it is to pile up your plate, don’t. You will be sorry — not only will you suffer from a “food coma”, but stepping on the scale post-break might be a bit disappointing. So, be sure to practice portion control. Remember, you can cook these foods anytime of the year, not just Thanksgiving. Don’t eat like this is your last meal. If you do, your waistline will have something to show for it. And don’t even consider going back for seconds, unless it’s on a vegetable or something that is low in fat and sugar.

3. Slow down and enjoy it. Although the anticipation builds for the Thanksgiving feast, shoveling your food in at lightning speeds is a bad idea. Why? Because your body won’t have enough time to realize it’s full before you’re running back for seconds. Slow down and enjoy chatting with friends and family. You’re not doing yourself any favors by rushing through your Thanksgiving meal. Aren’t the holidays a time to slow down, anyway?

4. Don’t deprive yourself. On another note, for those of you who tend to be overly health conscious, chill out a little bit. Depriving yourself of a food you really want will only cause you to binge at a later time. Is the caramel cake staring you down? Have a small slice or share with a family member. Allow yourself to enjoy the holiday — just be sure one small slice doesn’t turn into four.

5. Have a family activity planned to get everyone moving. Instead of just sitting around with your friends and family on Thanksgiving, plan a family walk around the neighborhood or play a game outside (weather permitting) that calls for some movement and activity. That way, you will still get to spend time with your loved ones but will be able to burn off those calories simultaneously.

                                  Happy Thanksgiving!


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Connection: diet and cancer? Could there be a link?

Ashley Jobe

The debate about the sanctity of the body and what could possibly cause defects and mutations in the genes of certain body cells has been long standing. Cancer is actually a term used to describe a large group of different diseases but can simply be called the uncontrolled division and growth of cells in the body.

Your body is made up of trillions of cells. Normally, those cells conduct business in an orderly fashion, dividing during the adult years mostly to replace dying cells or to repair injuries in parts of the body. Though there are more than 100 diseases under the cancer umbrella, all of them start because abnormal cells grow out of control, invading surrounding tissues and spreading throughout our lymph system.

Much research has been done about whether or not there are triggers that jumpstart this process, and if so, which they are and how we can avoid them. Could diet be a potential culprit here? Some say it could be — and many point to an excess of protein and animals products as an issue.

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Get a taste of fall while helping your body

Nicole Esplin

Sure the Pumpkin Spice Latte at Starbucks is a delicious way to taste the fall season, but are you willing to counter your crisp autumn run by consuming 13 grams of fat and 380 calories?  If your answer is no but you’ve still been craving fall foods post-workout (and all other times of the day), I have compiled a few post-workout meal ideas and recipes that not only taste great but also have extra benefits to help you recover faster and stronger for your next workout.

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